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Crash Course: How To Get Featured

Crash Course: How To Get Featured on Pornhub

By Pornhub | July 29, 2021

Having your video featured on the Pornhub homepage can be a really nice surprise and can definitely help boost views. However, there are a few things to keep in mind: There are currently 60 different Model videos that are featured per day and those videos are selected by an algorithm. However, there are ways you can help increase your chances of having your video(s) featured.

- Good Ratings: Accumulating good ratings from viewers boost your video’s chance of getting featured on the homepage. Aside from creating good quality content, another way to ensure your video gets good ratings is by picking a title that best reflects your video and selecting tags and categories that are accurate, relevant, and represent your video. Viewers like to know what they can expect. Using unrelated titles and tags can hurt your chance of getting featured. Click here for more tips on categories and tags.

- Views: Just like good ratings, the more views you have, the higher the chance of getting featured.

- Length, Quality, and Consistency: Videos that are of high quality and are minimum 10 minutes long also have a higher chance of being selected. Especially if you're consistent when it comes to publishing videos. Remember, you can upload a few videos at a time and schedule them in advance so you create some consistency which can help you grow a loyal fanbase.

- Viewers’ Choice: Every month, we host a themed Model contest where viewers get to vote for their favorite video submissions. Not only do the top 3 winners get a big cash prize, but the top 50 videos that are on theme also get featured on Pornhub’s homepage! Click here or more info on Viewers' Choice.