Model Spotlight

Mimi Cica Embraces Self-Love on Model Spotlight

"I'm the happiest I’ve ever been since joining the industry; I can be the slut that I am!"

By Erika | October 14, 2022 | 6 minutes

Mimi Cica was named Pornhub’s Professional Model of the Month earlier this summer, so naturally we wanted to know more about the Nordic beauty taking the industry by storm. Mimi tells us about her liberating journey through sexual expression and her new-found self-love.  

Tell us about your start in the industry. What first drew you to start making your own content?

I’ve always been very sexual and an exhibitionist; I’ve been been posting my nudes online (for free) since I’ve legally been allowed to do that. Back when Tumblr still allowed porn and nudity on their platform, I had a porn blog there. My real start towards monetizing my content was when the pandemic started and I was let go from my job as a nurse's assistant in nursing homes. First, I started by webcamming and doing my own short video clips, mostly solo, but I did have one BG clip with my ex-boyfriend, too. Around a year later in March 2021, I contacted an agency and started shooting for professional companies. 

What did you find difficult in the beginning? Was there anything surprisingly easy?

I’m actually mostly non-verbal and struggle with selective mutism triggered by social anxiety, so speaking to the camera has been the hardest part. When I started camming, I did the first few streams via chat only, but I slowly got more comfortable speaking to the camera and nowadays, I’m practising it daily on my TikTok making vlogs. What's surprisingly easy was actually performing sex acts in front of a camera; I think I was made to fuck for the camera, haha!

What does the Pornhub brand mean to you?

Pornhub is my favorite website, both for watching free videos and posting my free content. All my friends know that I won't shut up about it, even before I was making my own content I would be making memes online about the site and being a little fangirl. I use other platforms but everyone who knows me knows which site I love using and promote on all my socials!

What do you think is the biggest difference between American-made and European-made porn?

My experience with shooting for American companies like Reality Kings is that those shoots are much more professional and safe. There is a whole crew overseeing what is happening, compared to some European productions that might just have the model and cameraman who is also the performer doing POV. I’ve also noticed not all European productions follow the same legal regulations; we sign releases on paper of course, but there isn't always consent lists or the legal videos taken before and after the scene like they do on Reality Kings shoots, for example. So I’d say the USA is much more regulated, professional and properly done, and Europe is a bit behind with this and should catch up!

Courtesy of Mimi Cica


What is the biggest misconception people tend to have about the adult industry you wish to change?

A big misconception is that we're just fucking around raw without testing! I try to do my part to break the stigma by educating people on the industry and testing by normalizing it on my social media. I make TikToks about the STI/STD testing process, and I've gotten comments from healthcare workers in Finland asking about the tests because most people, even healthcare workers, don't know that the regular STD test from the hospital isn't thorough enough for professional shoots. We test for more than just the basic things. 

How has your perception of the industry changed since joining?

When I changed from independent amateur content to professional porn productions, I was expecting more professionalism and I was a bit surprised to see the lack of it in many situations. Maybe I’m a bit silly, but I actually sent a whole job application with all the information of my previous work experience when I contacted the agency.

When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?

I'm pretty sporty; I run regularly, go to the gym, and do pole dancing. I like pretty much all sports from riding horses to swimming, skiing, ice skating, ball games, and wall climbing. I like trying new things.  I also love cooking with fresh ingredients and spending hours in the kitchen. I listen to a lot of music, podcasts and audiobooks; whatever I’m doing, I always have something playing in the background. I do also like reading in some situations, but I need the right environment to be able to sit down and focus on just that without getting distracted. I also watch a lot of YouTube. My favorite thing to watch there is the H3 podcast and I spend every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night watching that. I also like watching  TV shows, but I’m pretty bad at watching movies, at least when I’m alone and there's no one pausing the movie and telling me to focus when I get distracted. Alone, I miss half of it!

What advice would you give a new Model who is just starting out in the industry? What mistakes do you often see the new Models make?

Don’t be naïve; there can be predators in this industry preying on vulnerable girls. You need a strong mind to not be bothered by the grooming and manipulation you may sometimes come across.

Courtesy of Mimi Cica


Any fetish or kink scenes you haven’t done yet but would be open to in the future?

I’ve only done lesbian scenes with cis-women, but I would be open to shoot more queer content with queer people.

What’s your next goal career wise? What is something specific you want to achieve?

Last year, I was shooting as many studio productions as I could book to get my name out there, get exposure and grow my audience. Now I’m focusing more on creating my own content and growing my channels through social media and TV appearances instead of trying to take tons of bookings. Of course I still have studios I want to work with, but currently my main focus is working for myself. Keep an eye on my profile to see the career milestones I’m planning to achieve and check out my new reaction channel “Mimi Cums and Comments”  which I’m going to publish very soon in collaboration with Porn Force!

What has been your favorite part about joining this industry?

Falling in love in many different ways. I feel like I've finally fallen in love with my life. I've had a lot of struggles in my past, and my childhood was anything but easy or safe. For the longest time I didn’t feel right, like I didn't fit in the world or have a place in it. I’ve been heavily slut-shamed since I was a literal virgin, but somehow I never let that make me feel ashamed of my sexuality. I'm the happiest I’ve ever been since joining the industry; I can be the slut that I am! I have an outlet to express my sexuality in a controlled and safe way. Even though I’m very sexual, I’m also extremely shy, and in my private life, I have had just one partner. To sum it up, my favorite part is that I’ve finally found a place where I’m not shamed for my sexuality, but I’m being praised and celebrated for it.

What's the best way for fans to keep up with your work?

My social medias: Instagram @mimicicaxx and @toesofmimi, Twitter @mimicicax and TikTok @itsmimicica. I post my free videos on my Pornhub profile and I'm starting a reaction profile soon so make sure to subscribe! My VIP fan page has full length videos and is the only place to chat with me 1-on-1 or schedule video calls. My free fan page to get a taste of the VIP without commitment. This page has more full length videos and used panties and socks etc. Watch my live cam streams where I cook naked, masturbate, stretch, chat with fans and much more. I have this YouTube channel reserved, nothing is published yet but you can subscribe to be notified when I do post in the future! My website also has all my links!