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Our Go-To Video Editing Apps

Our Go-To Video Editing Apps on Pornhub

By Pornhub | April 29, 2019

Whether you’re feeling spontaneous, don’t have access to a computer, or want to put together something quick for your fans, you should have all the tools you need to create and upload the best content you can. When it comes to editing, there’s no lack of apps you could use, but if you’re not sure which ones to give a try or want to change things up, we put together some of our favorite mobile video editing apps for when you're on the move.

Splice for On-The-Go Editing

Aside from the fact that it’s free, we’ve got a whole list of reasons why Splice is one of our go-to editing apps when we want to customize and create a professional-looking video within minutes. For one, whether you want to put together a video, a montage, a slideshow, or a collage, it’s super easy to use. You could have multiple projects going on at once and even have the option to export to Facebook and Instagram.

Our favorite feature is Splice's huge library of free sound effects and music of different genres you could choose from. You could even overlay tracks in case you want to get fancy with it or add your own narration.

As for the visuals, you could add filters so you look your best, slow it way down or speed it up, add text, trim and crop, spice it up with some animation, and get creative with different types of transitions.

Image courtesy of Splice 

Magisto for Marketing

If you’re in need of a little help in putting together a short, creative, and noteworthy video, we’re going to suggest Magisto. Compared to other video editing apps, Magisto focuses on using videos as a marketing tool. Whether you’re looking to download it for personal use or to grow your business and fanbase, Magisto can help you create the most impactful video by using Emotion Sense, their patent-pending artificial intelligence technology.

Once you upload and select the images and video clips you want to use for your movie, all you have to do is pick the editing style and soundtrack you think would fit your story best and then leave it up to Magisto to edit it. Their AI video maker analyzes the visual and audio aspects of the footage, picks the most exciting parts, constructs a storyline, and puts together a stunning, share-worthy video. 

Although there is a membership fee depending on how you want to use it, it's definitely worth looking into. 

Image courtesy of Magisto 

Quik for Sharing

Much like Splice, Quik is easy to edit and customize your videos no matter where you are or how little time you have. What stands out most about this GoPro app is that it takes social media into account a little more than other editing apps. For starters, aside from giving you access to your personal library, it also allows you to import from your Facebook and Instagram accounts and it has the option to switch format from cinema to square.

As for audio, for those of you who prefer to make your videos a little more personal, Quik lets you add your own songs and syncs your footage to the beat of the music.

Although we love the fact that it’s free, if you sign up for GoPro Plus, you have access to an expanded soundtrack library and can upload your images and videos to your cloud.

Image courtesy of Quik