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Putting The Exhibitionists On Exhibit - Hailey Rose On Model Spotlight

This young married couple is documenting their real-life swinging adventures, and their success is just beginning.

By Erika | October 27, 2022 | 5 minutes

Hailey Rose  and her partner Max have found themselves ranked amongst Model veterans in the top 110, an impressive feat considering their profile is less than a year old. We're putting the spotlight on these exhibitionists to get to know them from a different POV (besides the one from their infamous balcony camera!)

Tell us about yourselves! How did you get your start in the industry? 

Max and I started dating while we were in university together, when we both graduated we moved back to LA. I was a biology major and Max was an economics and psychology double major. Shortly after finding normal jobs, we started swinging with other couples and recording a lot of our personal hook-ups to show friends because we love being watched. I was always setting up threesomes and group play with friends in college and learned how much I really loved sex and connecting with people. Max used to sleep with a bunch of hot wives and cuckold couples throughout high school and college, so he also got hooked on having people watch him f*ck. Both of us had been curious in the past about what it would be like to work in the porn industry, but it was only after we got together that we really had the motivation to get started making content. We officially started our OnlyFans and Pornhub account in January of 2022.

What made you decide to start creating and posting your own adult content?

We always liked taking videos and recordings of our personal sex lives and our adventures swinging with other couples. When we would watch them and show them to other people, we always got good feedback, so it was easy to then make the jump into content creating. Sharing our fun and hot adventures with a community that would enjoy them has always been a motivation for us. We try to keep an amateur energy in our videos and just have fun with it since that was the style of videos that inspired us to start making content. Making adult content has also given us opportunities to connect with other fun and creative people which is always something we love doing.

Is this now a full-time gig? 

Yes! This is both of our full time jobs now, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we do! Max still works in wealth management and helps run a large investment portfolio. But for me, once our OnlyFans page was earning more than my old job, I decided to quit and be a content creator full time.

How has joining the industry as a couple affected the dynamic of your relationship? 

Our relationship has always been open to other sexual partners so not much has changed since we entered the industry, except the amount of sex and new sexual partners has gone up. The biggest pro of working together is that we always have more fun when we can be in a video together and it’s rewarding to be able to share these experiences with my husband and deepen our bond together through them. The biggest con is that there are days we want to have intimate time off camera, but we’re too tired or worn out from filming and need a break.

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Courtesy of Hailey Rose


Your channel gives off a real sense of authenticity. Are Hailey & Max characters you play or are you one in the same? How are you similar or different online vs. in real life?

Thank you!! We’ve always been very relaxed and down to earth people so we try to let our real personalities show in our work. The only real difference between our online life and real life is that we wear a bit more clothes in real life, but other than that we try to be authentic to ourselves and to our fans.

What did you find difficult in the beginning? Was there anything surprisingly easy?

I didn’t use social media much before starting work in porn, so that was a learning curve I had to get through. Managing Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit accounts has been a bit of a handful. I was surprised on how much positive feedback we got from our unedited, natural, amateur style. I always thought that to be a big account we would need to be more professional and polished looking so I’m very grateful for how much positivity I receive from just being myself.

In under a year, your PH profile has amassed 20 million views and 40 thousand subscribers; what do you attribute your quick success to? What makes your profile stand out compared to other performers?

Our focus on public content has probably been the main way we stand out from others. The first time we made it to the front page on Pornhub was for a video we shot out on a hiking trail which was such a proud moment for us both. People respond well to the risk factor of the content.

When you’re not working on content, what can we find you doing?

Off screen, we like to spend as much time as we can with our friends and family. We enjoy going in the outdoors for hiking, skiing, and camping. We also love food and trying new restaurants, especially when we are traveling. You’ll frequently find us at art shows and museums but we also like to stay home and play video games or watch YouTube.

Courtesy of Hailey Rose


How has your perception of the industry changed since joining?

I don't think our perception of the industry has changed much honestly. We grew up in Hollywood/LA so this environment feels somewhat familiar. We’ve always been open minded about our sexual experiences. However, there are a lot more politics in mainstream/professional porn than we had expected.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the industry you wish you could change?

People often assume that we work in porn because we don’t have other options or we’re desperate for money but that’s just not true. My husband and I chose to do this because we have fun and can express ourselves through our work. It’s awesome to have a platform where we can share our sexuality with people who enjoy it.

What has been your favorite part or experience since joining the industry?

Being able to meet and get to know new people is our favorite part of this work. We’re always looking for new collaborators to learn from and connect with.

What advice do you have for fellow Models who are just starting out?

Figure out what is unique about yourself and your content and make that your focus. Marketing yourself is what will make or break your success. More than anything I think its important to show your personality and share who you are with your fans.

What is next for Hailey Rose & Max? What’s a specific career goal you’d like to achieve?

We’re going to keep working on our brand and continue learning how to improve wherever we can. We want to work with top pornstars and especially top verified couples. We hope to make ourselves more legitimate so people see that we are not only a fun amateur couple but professional and capable talent. We are working towards setting up our own website for exclusive content as well. There’s lots of big things we’ve set our sights on and I’m very excited for the future. Maybe we’ll try our hand at professional mainstream porn too, who knows there might be something in the works right now. 

Keep up with Hailey Rose & Max on Twitter @HaileyRoseFucks and Instagram @HaileyRoseVisuals