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Top Five Picks with Alix Lynx

Alix Lynx is sharing secrets from the vault in this special edition of Model Spotlight

By Erika | November 22, 2022 | 15 minutes

Alix Lynx got her start in the industry in 2012, quickly making a name for herself and sustaining that hype over the years thanks to not only her on-camera presence, but also business savvy. A multi-talented artist and entrepreneur, we wanted to tap Alix’s well of wisdom, so we asked the beauty and brains to drop her top 5s on everything from advice on working in the industry to health, self-care and finances. 

After nearly a decade in the industry, what are the top 5 most important life lessons you’ve learned thanks to working in porn specifically?

  1. That generally speaking, society (I can only speak of the USA here because that’s where I live) is really ass backwards when it comes to sex and sexualityThere are SO many convoluted and hypocritical beliefs out there and I don’t even think people consciously realize it. Like, we’ve got politicians condemning sex workers, abortions, gay rights etc. publicly and later down the road, they’ll have some wild scandal hit the press saying they’ve hired an escort, they privately paid for an abortion for their mistress, they’re having an affair with another person of the same sex…the list goes on and on and on. We’ve got Susie down the street publicly bashing women who choose to make an OnlyFans account, yet is watching the craziest porn behind closed doors. We’ve got people assuming everyone in porn is there because they had no other choice. I’ve got a couple college degrees and even worked a “real” job before shifting gears, not because I had to, but because I very intentionally chose to. The list goes on. I could talk about this all day, but basically all this means is that any form of judgment or stigma I receive, I take it with a grain of salt and often just completely ignore. I know what’s true and I know what’s right for me and my life. 
  2. People are very quick to point fingers at porn for the problems in their lives, whether that’s a spouse who’s addicted to porn (that’s not our problem, that’s clearly an issue within that person who’s using porn as an outlet for extreme escapism from something), condemning porn stars for portraying “non-realistic” bodies (which is really wild because as an adult actress, I have seen literally hundreds of different body types firsthand, and they’re all celebrated), or for not portraying “realistic” sex (which is funny because porn is a fantasy outlet for adults who should understand fully the difference between fantasy and reality). I don’t even do 90% of the shit I do on camera in real life. We don’t go around getting angry at fictional TV shows, movies, or video games because they don’t portray “real life,” and porn is quite literally the same thing: a form of entertainment. It’s far easier to blame external forces than to take responsibility for one’s own life, though!
  3. While mainstream society tries to spoon feed us what’s “in” when it comes to women’s bodies (yes, I understand capitalism, but it’s still weird as f*ck), porn actively embraces all different genders, looks, body types, shapes, sizes, etc. It might not have been that way in the past, but especially now more than ever in this digital age of porn where content creators aren’t fully dependent on the gatekeeping of production studios, there are fans out there for literally everyone. I’ve seen hundreds of different vaginas, tits, asses, etc. and they’re all fabulous! 
  4. When I first got into porn, I got into it with the sole intention of being an adult actress. What I didn’t fully understand at the time was that as an adult actress, you’re also a business owner! I knew f*ck all about financial management, planning, investing, accounting, contracts/legal documents, managing a team, etc., but I learned because I had to. In order to have longevity in this business without burning out, and in order to thrive, you have to be entrepreneurial, be “hungry,” be creative and be able to organize and lead a team of people, or at least have the means/resources to be able to hire people to help you with this if you can. And now that I’ve done this with porn, it’s shown me that I can take all the knowledge I’ve gained and apply it to any other entrepreneurial endeavor I want to, which is pretty cool.
  5. Each individual human adult on this planet has their own unique set of loves, likes, dislikes, preferences etc. when it comes to sex. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fetishes out there. Some people love roleplay. Some people love silent missionary sex. Some people like to watch furry porn. Some people love toys. The list is truly infinite, but basically, everyone’s got a freak flag. Your teachers. Your bank teller. Your wholesome neighbor. 

In your blog you emphasize the importance of financial independence for women. What are your top 5 financial tips for new Models?

  1. Create a corporation immediately. This will work in your benefit when it comes to taxes and protects your personal assets by legally separating yourself from your business. It can be confusing and also costs money to start, but it’s the matter of paying a relatively small amount of money versus paying a ton more over the long haul because you didn’t create a corporation. Platforms like Legalzoom and Swyft Filings make it pretty foolproof for you to do this, but I also suggest consulting with a tax professional to make sure you’re choosing the right corporation for yourself and taking all the right steps. You may need to set up a payroll for yourself, or you may be better off setting aside X amount of money per week into a special account for taxes. Again, consult with a tax professional to decide which path is right for you.
  2. Start investing immediately because you can’t really save your way to wealth. A LOT of models (myself, included!) who are just starting off and suddenly see themselves with more money than they’ve ever had in their life get really excited and go out and spend it on stuff like purses, travel, clothes, etc. only to panic later down the road when they realize that they don’t have much to show in their bank account for all their hard work. Nowadays, I do treat myself to a nice dinner, designer jacket, etc. here and there, but I get way more excited watching my investment accounts grow, envisioning my dream home that I’m saving for, my cushy retirement when I’m old, etc. It makes me feel like a boss ass bitch, in a good way, knowing that I’ll never have to struggle later in life because I made the right decisions for myself early on. Even investing a little bit every week is just fine, too! It’s just a matter of getting into the habit. 
  3. Use your platforms to your advantage! We work our asses off to build our social media platforms, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them in your favor. For example, there are a lot of expenses I once had that I don’t have anymore because I collaborate with other businesses/services, share them on my platforms, and in exchange receive free or heavily discounted products and services. Stuff like makeup, skincare products, Botox, filler, sex toys, snacks, clothes…you get it. In my experience, the larger my social media platforms have gotten as far as followers, engagement and reach, the less money I have to spend, and therefore the more money I have left to invest. You can also actually get paid for promoting brands/services (only ones you use and love is what I recommend) and that’s just another way to stack more cash.
  4. Avoid lifestyle creep. This goes back to having more money than ever before. Again, been there, done that! Lifestyle creep means increasing your expenses because you’re making more money. Stuff like getting a super fancy car, renting a super fancy apartment, going on wild vacations, buying super expensive handbags, etc. While it’s totally fine to upgrade your life (you should!) you have to do it super mindfully. As the dusty old saying goes, “It’s not what you make, it’s what you save.” I highly suggest hiring a financial planner to help you get crystal clear on your financial goals and help you create a plan to reach them. Designer bags included. ;)
  5. Keep your expenses low. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars every time you want to produce a cool scene. Invest in a high-quality iPhone, iPhone microphone, lighting and tripod if you’re just getting started, and if you can, have a friend help you film if you want to get more angles. Some of my best-selling scenes I’ve done were literally filmed in my bedroom on my phone. But, I also absolutely get giving a f*ck about producing cool, artsy content. I set aside a certain budget to hire a professional photographer/videographer, book a cool location, etc., every few months to gift myself with some exceptionally cool scenes, and I stick with it!
Courtesy of Alix Linx

What are your top 5 favorite podcasts?

  1. Huberman Lab. It’s cold, hard, straight, scientific facts and the info I’ve learned here has been extremely helpful for optimizing my health and well-being. 
  2. Ed Mylett. This is a fantastic podcast for entrepreneurs and high achievers looking to expand their knowledge when it comes to business, wellness, mindset, and get inspired by the stories of the remarkable humans he interviews. 
  3. The Skinny Confidential. This is a wildly millennial-friendly, no-bullshit resource for all things wellness, mindset, beauty and more. It’s incredibly on the pulse, sex-positive, hilarious, and provides tremendous value. 
  4. BiggerPockets Real Estate. I’m starting to learn about real estate investing, and this podcast has been super helpful as far as making it easier to understand.
  5. Girls Next Level. I was a huge fan of The Girls Next Door growing up, so being able to hear the truth about what went down behind the scenes from Holly and Bridget is really cool! I tend to gravitate towards educational podcasts, so this one is great for more passive listening.

Top 5 things to do every morning to ensure a successful and productive day?

  1. Hydrate and eat a healthy breakfast! I chug water with lemon as soon as I wake up because you become dehydrated while you sleep. I eat a protein-packed oatmeal dish every morning filled with yummy superfoods. If you’re not a breakfast person, that’s cool, but if you are, make sure you’re nourishing yourself with good-for-you food that will help you start your day off feeling energized AF.
  2. Exercise. I see a dramatic difference in my overall mood and energy levels that lasts the entire day when I do exercise in the morning versus when I don’t. I run most days and lift weights and stretch as well, but even just a 30-minute power walk around your neighborhood counts!
  3. Be intentional with your time. I have a ftramework routine that I follow (I know for sure every day I’m working out, eating healthy meals, going to bed at a certain time, and doing certain tasks, for example). I have a daily to-do list that I follow. I delegate time-consuming tasks that I don’t enjoy like grocery shopping, cooking (I order pre-made fresh meals from my local grocer), and try not to spend any time doomscrolling on social media. We only have so much energy we can use every day, and I want to spend my time and energy doing stuff that’s going to help me grow and expand, not drain me. 
  4. Show up for yourself even when you don’t feel like it. I think this is why so many people notoriously flake on shoots, and part of me gets it. I certainly don’t want to get glammed up and film content some days when I would rather crawl back into bed and eat a bowl of cereal and watch Desperate Housewives. But I do it anyway, because I know for sure I’ll be super proud of myself after the fact. This is also how you show other talent that you’re professional and reliable, which opens you up to future opportunities, not to mention helps you grow your content library and brand to next-level star status.
  5. Treat yourself. I notice a huge difference in my overall mood and demeanor throughout the day when I take the time in the morning to take care of myself. For me, that means a 5-minute meditation, skincare routine, gua sha and ice rolling, and luxurious shower with my favorite products. This is all before I log on to social media, because otherwise I’ll get immersed in too much noise and chaos and won’t even be able to give myself a chance to think straight. This routine, versus, say, rolling out of bed, immediately pulling up Instagram, chugging coffee and running out the door. 

Top 5 things to do to prepare for a shoot?

  1. Give yourself time to plan. Don’t wait until the night before the shoot to tend to the details! It just creates a ton of unnecessary drama, stress and pressure for absolutely no reason. I start scouting locations and thinking of themes a couple weeks in advance, lock in talent (and have backups in mind) and agree on a location the week before, plan out scene details a few days in advance (this includes themes, wardrobe, call time, who will be responsible for filming, whether to hire help, who will be responsible for editing, etc.), and getting paperwork together. That way on shoot day, all I have to do is wake up, get glammed up, and go to work. 
  2. Pack the essentials. I always bring, at minimum, body lotion, deodorant, baby wipes, makeup sponges (IYKYK), toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, gum, extra contacts, contact solution, cozy clothes and slippers for set (some sets are always freezing), my phone charger, snacks and filming equipment. This, plus the wardrobe needed to shoot and any accessories/footwear I might need. 
  3. Manage your time wisely. It’s a completely different vibe when I plan out my day before call time so I don’t have to rush anywhere. I can do my full morning routine, get glammed up, pack up my bag, and give myself enough time to travel to set if it’s needed that day. That, versus sleeping in, waiting until the last minute to shower and get ready, and racing out the door in a panic. 
  4. Tend to your grooming. Make sure your nails and toes look good. Make sure you don’t have any weird odors happening (which is often the sign of BV, not cute but it happens!) Throw on a white strip. Shave your legs. Whatever it is that you’ve got to do for you to make yourself look and feel your absolute best before shooting, do it. 
  5. Get to know your costar. If this is a scene for a company and you haven’t worked with your assigned costar yet, look through their social media and get a sense of their vibe. Ask fellow performers about their experience with that person. This is a really smart thing to do so you know what to expect. If this scene is something you’re self-producing, again, if it’s with a talent you haven’t yet worked with, chit chat a bit before the shoot day! You don’t need to be texting paragraphs all day long, but I find that even just shooting them a text saying that you’re excited to work with them and you’re looking forward to a fun day on set really helps set the tone for your shoot day and keeps everyone happy and eager to give a good scene.

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Top 5 tips for networking in the adult industry?

  1. l. Show up to set on time. If you need to cancel, do it at least one day before the shoot to be respectful of other people’s time, aMake the first move. I’ve made some incredible connections with some fantastic people simply by being the person to reach out first. I did this with my first-ever website, I’ve done this with directors, companies, and I continue to do this with other models. Everyone is busy and social media is a noisy place, so making the effort to reach out to people you think you would connect with well in real life really helps set you apart from the crowd and makes a big impact. Shooting over a simple DM on social media just introducing yourself and saying that you would love to work with that person is really all it takes. 
  2. Don’t be intimidated. When I first got into the industry, I would meet ladies in real life who were super duper popular performers with massive social media followings and I would be so intimidated because I was a nobody in comparison. But the thing is, the majority of these ladies actually turned out to be really, really nice and down to earth people. Remember that even the most popular models were once brand new too, and the majority are quite kind and happy to connect and collaborate. This also goes for companies you want to work with. Literally just message them!
  3. Interact online. Take time out of your day to actively comment on social media posts of people (this goes for companies, directors you want to connect with, too!) If they tweet something you resonate with, respond. If they post a photo on Instagram, engage with it. You don’t have to do this every single day, but here and there consistently (and of course keeping it authentic, not just engaging for the sake of checking off a box) can really help you stand out. Not just to them, but remember that other models, directors, companies etc. see your interactions, too! Just getting yourself out there is always a good idea. 
  4. Go to industry events. This is really funny coming from me, because I’m such a grandma homebody who goes to bed at 9pm and literally never goes to events. But I did when I was brand new! This goes for stuff like awards shows, conventions and industry parties. You’re literally getting face time with a ton of colleagues, most of whom are always thrilled to make new connections.
  5. Be professionand try to reschedule. Be prepared with your wardrobe, toiletries, etc. If the scene is scripted and you have lines, know them before you go to set. Have a good attitude. Be kind to everyone. This goes a long way -- believe it or not, the industry is actually pretty tight-knit and word travels fast to companies, directors/producers and fellow talent when you demonstrate a rock-solid professional reputation.

Top 5 apps or websites to help Models optimize their careers?

  1. A Twitter scheduler. Sites like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, etc. I do post on Twitter organically most days, but I also use a scheduler to schedule my tweets a few months ahead of time promoting my various clip stores, fan sites, merch sales, promo codes etc. that go out multiple times a day. This is a great way to drive traffic to your money-making platforms and consistently make money. All you have to do is take some time to schedule the content.
  2. Pornhub. For real, though! Pornhub is a must-have when it comes to distributing your content. It gets, last I checked, +120 million hits a day, so uploading content consistently is a great way to drive traffic to your paid websites, not to mention earn residuals.
  3. Clip stores and fan sites. At this point I think everyone is well aware of fan sites like Manyvids, I Want Clips (literally just Google, “adult video clip sites,” “adult video clips,” etc. -- there are a handful) allow you to make limitless passive income simply by uploading content you’ve shot. This is also a great way to get new fans.
  4. Easy Release and Quick 2257 are both great apps that allow you to fill out performer paperwork easily on your phone. I’m so thankful for these apps because prior to downloading them, I was literally printing out paperwork old-school at home and bringing it to set. This is way easier!
  5. Google calendar. Staying organized keeps my business running smoothly, and it also keeps me sane. I schedule all my scenes on Google calendar months in advance so I know exactly what scenes I’m dropping and when, and can pull together promotional content easily. 
Courtesy of Alix Lynx

Top 5 most annoying porn clichés?

  1. Porn stars want to bang everyone. Yes, adult stars are open-minded, adventurous, and chill when it comes to all things sex, but that definitely doesn’t mean we wanna bang everyone in our vicinity. It just means we don’t have the same weird shame or convoluted beliefs around sex/sexuality like most people do. In other words, we don’t put sex on a pedestal. It’s just a fun thing that we sometimes do. In my personal experience, the best sex I’ve ever had has been off-camera with someone I love. I’m literally never going about my normal life and thinking about banging everyone I encounter. That’s super weird to even think about. I’ve had guy friends stop talking to me because they got a girlfriend who had an issue with us being friends. I kind of get it, but it’s like…bro, trust me, I’ve had lots of sex with lots of people. I don’t even want to see another dick. Like, I’m good. My own friends are not people I ever even think about hooking up with because again, I don’t put sex on a pedestal. And if I’m in a relationship, that person is the only person I’m fantasizing about banging.
  2. Porn stars do porn as a last resort. This is so wildly inaccurate. Out of the countless performers I’ve encountered over my years in the industry, I haven’t met a single person who got into porn because they had nowhere else to go and no other choice. It’s quite the opposite. These people, myself included, chose to do porn, and many have remained for years on end because it’s fun, liberating, flexible and always a new adventure every single day. I think people who hate their jobs made this up to make themselves feel better that it’s our job to just be out here having a blast every single day.
  3. Porn stars are dumb. This is also laughable. Some of the most savvy, street-smart and intelligent investors I’ve ever met do porn. I’ve also met a ton of people who have a college education and are considered “book smart,” and I sometimes wonder how they even get dressed in the morning. 
  4. Porn sets are wild. I remember the first time a friend of mine asked me, “How crazy is it on set?!” and I just kind of stared at him blankly, trying to figure out what he meant. I blame the portrayal of porn sets in mainstream media as coke-fueled orgies. In real life, it’s a bunch of paperwork, sitting around, chatting with colleagues, and waiting to do your scene. There are snacks. In reality, porn sets are a good time, but they’re also pretty mundane. 
  5. Porn is the easy way out. This one kills me every time I hear it. I have never worked harder in my life than I do now. Even when I was shooting for companies every single week, it was still a ton of work! You have to stay on top of your fitness, health and beauty routines (ultimately we are models, too), know your lines, if it’s an anal scene, you’re doing prep, you’re always buying new wardrobe to wear on set, and when it comes to the era of content creators, it’s all that and coordinating other talent, booking a location, brainstorming content ideas, posting content and interacting with fans on all our platforms daily and social media, editing content, overseeing a team of people…the list is infinite. That said, there’s a reason why the average career span of an adult actress is months. Because it’s not easy!

What are 3 things new Models should be cognizant of when working with professional studios or agents?

  1. Have a lawyer review any contract you get before you sign it. This is another one of those instances where it’s much smarter to spend the money up front on hiring a professional, because it will allow you to avoid getting yourself into a terrible bind and spending a lot more money in the long haul. The last agent I was with wanted a three-year contract which I crossed out and wrote one. But now, I would actually just make sure it’s in your contract that you are able to up and leave at any time without having to pay any extra fees on top of your agent’s percentage from your shoots that they get you. An agent (same with manager) should be taking no more than 15% of the total payout for each booking they get you. 
  2. Be okay with being called “difficult." Sometimes people will call you “difficult” and make it seem like a bad thing when they’re really just annoyed that you’re sticking up for yourself and setting boundaries. Be very up front with the acts you are and are not willing to do, and stick to your guns. If a performer wants to shoot with you but doesn’t have a fresh test, it’s ok to say “No thank you.” If you don’t do anal, don’t let anybody try to pressure you into doing anal if you’re not ready! I once flew all the way to Arizona for a “boy/girl” scene, which when I got to set I discovered was actually, literally…two boy/girl scenes. And yes, I absolutely believe this company was well aware of what they were doing. I was very vocal about this on set, did it anyways because I didn’t want to mess up anyone’s day (there weren’t any other talent in Arizona to call in last minute) and never worked for that company again. I can sleep at night knowing that I will always stick up for myself and have my own back no matter what. 
  3. Don’t let anybody be pushy with you. Your boundaries are your boundaries. You don’t need to explain them to anyone. If a director on set asks you to take an extra dick for an extra $100, you can say no (this actually happened to a friend of mine). If your manager is being assertive with you to do 7 scenes a week, you can say no. People will try to push you as far as you’ll let them, so it’s completely on you to stand your ground and assert yourself. You’re the boss. 

In your blog you discuss the positive impact that responsible cannabis use has on helping your anxiety, tell us more about that.

It might not seem that way from the outside looking in, but I am a super high-functioning anxious person. I feel a lot of pressure a lot of the time from having to constantly be creating content for my sites and social media, always figuring out how to improve, balancing my work/life schedule, staying crystal clear with my goals, and disciplined enough to show up for them daily…it can be a lot. Most of the time it’s manageable through my self-care routines, but if it’s an exceptionally rough day, a hit of weed will just instantly ground me in the present moment and slow my mental chatter. It also helps if I’m finding myself in a total creative rut (I’m a total sativa diva, which means it’s more of a cerebral head high that feels energizing as opposed to indica, which for me will put my ass on the couch) and let my thoughts just flow. 

Top 5 beauty, skincare and selfcare items you can’t live without?

  1. PMD Tool. This is a personal microdermabrasion tool which basically gently buffs the gross dead skin off your face and sucks up the dirt, leaving your skin even and silky smooth.
  2. Dr. Pen Microneedling Pen. Microneedling is another spa service I prefer to do at home. It basically punctures the top layer of your skin, causing your skin to rebuild its own supply of collagen and elastin. AKA, it’s anti-aging AF. 
  3. SPF. I use LaRoche Posay on my face, neck, ears and hands daily. I’m never not wearing SPF. When I step outside, I’m coated in a layer of SPF spray (usually by Alba Botanica, a brand that doesn’t have gross crap or chemicals in it). When it’s cloudy, raining, snowing, I’m wearing SPF. This is a big reason why my skin looks so good. 
  4. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Cream. This is a drugstore find that looks like vanilla pudding that I slather all over my hair and sleep in at least once a week. My hair is highlighted and I use hot tools on it frequently, so this is mask is incredible for keeping it healthy and hydrated AF. 
  5. Rose Hip Oil. I slather my face (you can also totally use this on your body) religiously on the daily. It’s super hydrating, all natural, helps exfoliate and brighten skin, helps boost collagen formation and helps prevent sun damage, to start. It’s my holy grail. Between this and the Shea Moisture mask, I am absolutely one of those women who goes to bed looking like a greasy founding father. 

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